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This Adjustable Bench is suitable for Professional/ Commercial Gym’s, Home Gyms and also for Individual use. Very sturdy but heavy at 50 kgs ( 100 lbs.) this bench provides an excellent platform for atheletes who demand sturdiness and stability at the same time versatility within 1 bench.

From a full 90 degrees straight position to a 180 degrees flat to 135 degrees decline this bench provides 5 adjustments for the back pad via a simple adjustment arm which allows a much quicker and easier change across workouts and different individuals, and 4 adjustment positions for the for the seat. This bench provides a built in telescoping foot catch assembly adjustable to 3 positions with a simple pop pin catcher for easy adjustment. The telescope pipes for the seat and foot catch assembly and pop pin catchers are stainless steel for better corrosion resistance.  Each movable part is carefully precision machined in our own facility and inspected for functionality and durability under heavy use.

This model features the ergonomic back pad (straight pad available on order) which provides more stability for the trunk when performing abdominal exercises or decline press/movements.

Finished in our signature Black Matt paint finish (different colors are available on order), the total weight of the Bench is 44kg (97lbs).