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This is a very common space efficient dumbbell storage rack design that you can find in most Gyms and is ideal for Home Gyms to organize assortment of dumbells. However what seperates the Combaxx 3 Level rack from those of other brands is the build quality.

The rack support frame is made from 3X3” 12 Guage (2.9mm) Steel pipes with 6mm dumbbell storage rail and dividers and 5/8” hardware to ensure stability and sturdiness. The storage capacity of the rack is approximately 09 pairs of Dumbbells mix sizes (depending on the design). This rack is compatible with almost all types of dumbbell styles including Hex Head Dumbbells.

The rack is manufactured in Pakistan and ships disassembled. This is a stand-alone unit and measures 54” X 36” assembled, and is finished in our signature matt black color.

Custom Sizes and Colours are available on order and usually takes 15 days from ordering to shipping.