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The Combaxx Counterbalanced Smith Machine is a great option for anyone looking to build their upper body strength. Users can perform several workouts, such as the bench press, shoulder press, squats, barbell shrugs, rows, upright rows,  and calf raises to achieve a total body workout.

The machine offers a full size 20kg solid steel knurled counterbalanced bar (with center knurl) that is designed for comfort and safety. This machine is made of high-quality steel and can support up to 300kgs.

Counterbalanced bars are easy to use and keep you safe as you get in and out of position. Users will be able to lift heavy weights with a full range of motion without worrying about unbalanced weight distribution. The counterbalance includes cables and is designed to offset the weight of the bar.

Constructed from two 3” X 3”, 12-gauge steel sections (one for the rail and the other for the counterbalance weights) for strength and stability throughout frame. The Bar is attached (to prevent losing balance) with solid steel bar latch and linear bearings for smooth linear movement without any resistance. This machine eliminates the need for a spotter. and can withstand the most challenging lifts. Case hardened guide rods and high quality linear bearings , stainless steel catch rods,  and heavy duty adjustable safety stops ensure a safe and smooth performance at any weight.


Additionally the machine offers 4 Stainless Steel Olympic plate storage pegs which allow easy accessibility for weight plates and an organized home gym.