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This Rack is a Heavy Duty Customizable Bumper Plate Storage Rack made from 3”X3” 12 guage steel pipe frame and rail on the top for the 14mm Solid Stainless Steel adjustable Shaft dividers and 4mm full metal sheet as the bottom shelf and 4’X4” 4mm thick foot plates for additional  stability, all bolted together by 1” hardware for maximum stability & sturdiness.

The rack is available in the standard length (internal) of 48” with a depth of 20” and total height of 24” finished in our signature matt black paint, but can be supplied in different colours and sizes for custom orders.

The top rail can accommodate all sizes of plates and the dividers can be adjusted according to requirements. The top rail is re-inforced with wooden inserts for easy installation of the steel dividers. 

 Available in different sizes and colours on order. Usual time from ordering to shipping is 15 days.