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The Combaxx Horizontal Bar Rack provides convenient and easy-access storage for up to 8 Olympic barbells and is ideal for Professionals Gyms or facilities that want to keep their free weight area clean and organized. .

The single sided 8 bar rack boasts a modern and slim design to suit your space and is built to accommodate 6 ft. and 7 ft. Olympic bars and has a strong upright frame made from 3”X3” 12 Gauge Steel Sections with 6mm laser cut steel plate J Cups. Unlike other racks, this rack provides exceptional stability and sturdiness, guaranteeing it can withstand heavy weights. Finished in our signature matt black paint the rack can be easily assembled and dis-assembled for packing and shipment.


For those looking for a professional piece of gym equipment that will last a lifetime, the Combaxx Horizontal Bar Rack is the smart choice.