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The Combaxx Power Bench has been inspired from the basic power rack design, and is a heavy-duty training bench for the heavy lifter.  Ideally suited for Professional Gyms this bench can also be accommodated in home gyms due to its compact footprint of 53” X 34”.

Made in 3x3" 12-Gauge Steel, this precision manufactured bench boasts 4  3”X3” 12 gauge upright sections with 5/8” laser cut numbered holes distanced 1” apart for easy height adjustment of the J Cups, 2 X 8 gauge steel sheet raised and bolted slip resistant diamond pattern chequered spotter platforms on both sides to give the spotters extra control and enhanced pull during heavy lifts, and 2  3”X3” 12 gauge heavy steel beams and 1 X 3”X3”  10 Gauge Cross Beam in the centre and 4mm steel plate in the front & back to support the back pad,  all assembled together with 1” hardware. A complete  brute of a bench each part precision engineered and assembled for high-performance.

The special oversized back pad inspired by various internationally acclaimed Fat Pad designs measures 48” L X12” W X 3.5” H and is made from synthetic leather and single piece UHD Memory Foam and encourages a full full-functional upper extremity movement of the shoulder joint and eradicates active and passive hang thus protecting the shoulder joint during a heavy lift.

This bench comes standard with the highly recommended 2 X Heavy Duty Sandwich J cups with UHMW Plastic Core to protect the Knurling on the barbell, 2 X Chequered Spotter Platforms and 4 X Steel Band Pegs for band training. 

This bench is finished in our signature matt black paint with yellow painted cross beams and our laser cut Combaxx Logo plate.

The 2 X Heavy Duty Safety Straps and 2 X 5/8” Solid Stainless Steel Safety Rods shown in the picture are not included as standard with the Power Bench but are highly recommended optional items and can be purchased separately.

Bench is also available with Red Painted Cross Beams.