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The Combaxx 2.5kg calibrated competition locking collars are professional grade chrome metal collars precision machined from blocks of solid steel. Perfectly suited for elite level powerlifting, weight lifting and Olympic Lifting. With double precision locks these steel collars are specifically designed to ensure the tightest fit possible on your plates and ensures competition or training for a competition will be up to official standards. 

If you do enjoy deadlifts and/or Olympic lifts you probably already know that even the best lockjaw collars on the market won't keep your plates in place, but the double locking system on these competition collars ensures your plates are safely locked in place. You just have to slip on the barbell collars with the knurled part towards the weight plates. First use the small handle to tighten the collar on the barbell and then use the knurled part to further tighten the weight plates against each other