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This is a folding and space efficient variation of the Power Rack, ideal for Commercial and Home Gym’s and small rooms, where space is an issue, and can easily be folded when not in use.  These Racks utilize a hinge and pin system and can be used as Squat Stands, Power Racks and  a Pull Up Rig and are available in two depth options 41.5" and 21.25“ and weight of 78kg (172lbs) and 86kg (190lbs) respectively.   

This Series of our Wall-Mount Folding Wall Rack features two 3x3" 12-gauge steel columns (90” in height), with 1” hardware, 1" hole spacing throughout and our signature  quality Matt Black finish plus a quick-attach 28mm Knurled pull-up bar,  5mm Solid Steel J-Cups, and 2x 5mm Laser Cut Steel mounting plates with our logo.

The base mounting plate is made from 4.9mm steel plates laser cut with the Combaxx Logo and finshed with our standard matt black paint finish (other custom colours are available for custom orders). One mounting plate is used to mount the top hinge brackets and the other for the bottom hinge brackets to the upper and lower arms via stainless steel mounting pins and the mounting plates can be mounted to a solid wall or any solid structure. 

Spotter Arms shown in the picture are not included with the purchase and this item including  Heavy Duty Sandwich J-Cups, Stainless Steel Safety Bar or Heavy Duty Safety Belt are optional items and can be purchased from our store as optional accessories.