Rs.31,500.00 PKR
Our PADELIZED JK-PROSPEZIAL Padel racket combines unique and thoughtful padel-specialist engineering to provide players of all standards with increased levels of pro-player controlled-power and manoeuvrability for players looking to harness power and control for a more aggressive attacking playing style.
  • Round 460 sqcm Headshape
  • 365 gram DynamicWeight™ & Head Light Balance
  • 100% Carbon Frame with PowerCoresport
  • ProSkin™ Racket Face
  • 38mm Beam
  • PADELIZED™ TOUR-TEC PRO PU Performance Grip
  • Control: 10/10
  • Controlled-Power: 9/10
  • Controlled-Feel: 9/10
All PADELIZED™ TOUR-TEC rackets share a distinction 460 sqcm round headshape that allows the balance point to be closer to the handle which improves manoeuvrability and increases the overall sweetspot size for greater ease of play.

Our PADELIZED™ TOUR-TEC SPEZIAL is the most powerful racket in our TOUR-TEC series, powered by a revolutionary high-density PowerCore™ construction which provides the optimum combination of racket stiffness for enhanced power whilst reducing shock for improved feel and player comfort.

ProSkin™ is an all-new breakthrough racket face technology … an innovative surface treatment technology developed to enhance grip on the ball and maximise control and provides superior levels of spin for better control, precision and comfort, whatever your level of play. The greater the roughness, the greater the friction between the racket & ball, which helps generate increased levels of spin.

PADELIZED™ padel rackets incorporate state-of-the-art technology to help players of all standards to perform at their best.

All PADELIZED™ performance padel rackets are fitted with our PADELIZED™ TOUR-TEC PRO PU Performance Grip.