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The new developed Power Rack is ideal for Professionals Gyms, Home Gyms, and for all Atheletes and Professionals who want the benefit of a space saving free standing stable & safe platform which can be used for a variety of training requirements.

The CS-3 standard model features 3’x3’ 12 (2.6mm) Guage Steel sections and 1” Hardware with 4X 6 Guage (4.9mm) Steel Support Plates to create a strong stabilizing platform.

This model is 93" tall with a 44“ x 44” internal footprint and a 60" X 50" external footprint. A Knurled Pull-Up Bar and pin/pipe safety system are included standard, with 1 set of 6 Guage (4.9mm) Steel J-Cups with UHMW covering  or optionally a pair of Sandwich J-Cups with a UHMW plastic core.

The full rack is available with many optional accessories such as Sandwich J-Cups, Spotter Arm, Stainless Steel Safety bars, or Heavy Duty Safety Straps.

All items are finished in heat treated Auto Coat Matt Black Finish as standard and custom colours are available on special orders.

Spotter Arms shown in the picture are not included with the purchase and this item including  Heavy Duty Sandwich J-Cups, Stainless Steel Safety Bar or Heavy Duty Safety Belt are optional items and can be purchased from our store as optional accessories.