Rs.3,250.00 PKR

Brand : Tecnifibre
Model Name : ATP Razor Code
Type : tennis racket string
Material : polyester
Thread diameter : 1.25mm
Color : Blue


The US Open finalist Daniil Medvedev played amazing tennis this year with the new Tecnifibre Razor Code White Tennis String. Thermoscope technology is used in the manufacturing process, the polyurethane combined with the polyester base material and used at different temperatures during the various construction phases, so that the structure of the rope is soft. Thanks to the Thermoscope technology, the ATP-Code Razor is softer than conventional poly strings. It has more power and absorbs a lot of shocks and vibrations and offers significantly improved playability. The Razor Code stands for Tecnifiber’s controlled polyester strings and adapts very well to the T-shape and the new TF40 storage club. Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code is the real new generation of poly-string technology and its advantages are not only for hiking players, but also for all players who are looking for more comfort, strength and durability. Try thinner gauges for more spin and a livelier feel, or thicker gauges for longer life.